Happy Cow in Sunflower Fields

2017-10-01 14.59.44 allrc

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7 thoughts on “Happy Cow in Sunflower Fields

  1. It seems Lucy you are taken your painting to the next level and I am sure lot must be going into building this art and perfecting the craft. This very painting is epitome of that cumulative effort and excellence in your work of art. Encircled by sunflower the cow is at the center stage of bounty and there is so much beauty in the array of flowers and it is colorfully showering all around and more so the facial expression of the cow with the bucket full of flower is so aptly captured and the spread of color and the combination of shades make it subtly beautiful. By the way when is your next exhibition on painting and it seems the last one is more than a year if I am not wrong in memory…

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    • Thank you so much for all your beautiful words! Happy to know you enjoyed it so much 🙂 I was in a ‘paint a happy cow’ mood, so I’m happy I managed to get such a happy result. Yes, my first expo this year in May. I will do my best to find another such opportunity. For now, no expositions planned 🙂 Also I had less time to paint because of various projects so I need to do some more work before my next one. Hope everything is fine with you! Enjoy your day!

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      • Lucy, I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your plethora of work at hand and being involved in multiple projects gives that space to experiment with new things and life is at its best when we are handful of opportunities and we productively and creatively hooked.
        All the best!!!

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