Zaanse Schans During Tulips Season

windmills tulips netherlands holland allrightchoices 1

75 x 115 cm acrylic on canvas painting

Contact me to buy an original painting or a very high quality reproduction on canvas

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8 thoughts on “Zaanse Schans During Tulips Season

  1. Hi Lucy, This is lovely piece of work of art. The windmills, the houses, the beautiful flowers and it is giving a feeling of the whole has nature and it’s bounty has been encapsulated through this canvas of yours. This wonderfully depicts perhaps the countryside of Netherlands, those big windmills in the backdrop of the blue sky makes it look larger than life structure ready to blow the world and naturally these are the provider of natural energy. Always loved the very idea behind each of your paintings…

    Hope your last painting exhibition has set the tone for more series of painting exhibitions and the success setting the platform for bigger success. Have a lovely week ahead.
    Take Care!!!

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    • Thank you so much, Nihar! It’s always nice to know my art is appreciated. I love windmills and tulip fields so I’m happy I finally have the skills to paint them together. I love the Netherlands during tulip season 🙂 So happy and colorful!

      My painting exhibition went great and I’m grateful for the chance I had. I hope I’ll have more coming eventually. I’m just in the beginning so I’ll look for sure for more such opportunities. Until then, my blog is a good way to show them to the world 🙂 Hope all is going great with you and as always, thank you for stopping by! Best regards!

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      • I am so happy to know the way your painting exhibition have turned out to be an excellent beginning…and with more such events you will be able to create your niche and these are exciting time.
        It seems you have lessen your presence in blog space where you can really promote and showcase your brand in a much more wide and focused way.
        You should showcase your event gallery in the blog and keep talking some your experience and engagement during the exhibition which will wonderful thoughts for the readers like us.
        Keep doing the good work and keep inspiring all of us.
        Always a pleasure to exchange ideas with you.

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      • I’m quite busy with work these days so it’s hard to keep up with all the new posts but it’s always a pleasure hearing from readers. Thank you for your kind words!

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