Desert at Sunset

The desert is a natural extension of the inner silence of the body

desert sunset camels

40 x 50 oil painting

Contact me to buy an original painting or a very high quality reproduction on canvas 

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7 thoughts on “Desert at Sunset

  1. Lucy, this is simply magical. It is not easy and there being so many layers and so much depth and pattern needed in this painting, I can visualize the work that must have gone in imagining and translating that imagination into the canvas. The flow of the sand dunes and the mountain of sand so artistically flowing, the shades of changing color and the variation of light and the illumination through different colors is algorithm of mind to imagine and imprint on any canvas. Th camels and the master taking them into their destination, everything seems etched out of reality and transported through the magic of imagination. The slopes and the slides across different levels of sand hips are perfectly carved out of the recesses of hidden mind. Wonderfully crafted and the art lies in the touch and the feel that the audience gets and I was mesmerized by the beauty and the aesthetics of the painting.

    Just love it and I can see through the state of satisfaction and accomplishment you are in and this cannot come with that state of gratification.
    Have a lovely Sunday…been long we had a good conversation.
    take care!!!

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    • Thank you so much, Nihar! Painting in oil is definitely a bit more challenging and also, painting sand dunes wasn’t easy, but I’m very happy with the results. Also, painting in oil made me a better painter in acrylic so I couldn’t be happier.

      Indeed it’s been quite long, but is always nice to hear from you. You too have a lovely weekend! Take care!!

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      • Oil painting needs more precision and more work I presume, one can see the finer layers and also feel the objects when it is done in oil painting. This painting of yours is classics and I just love it, it gives a profuse touch of nature on the canvas. By the way how much time it took and how you conceptualize or did you see some place and then got inspired for this painting. By the way Lucy, I would like to know a bit more on what goes behind the mind of a painter is from others and especially how different it is from that a writer’s mind.

        It’s been long lets catch coming week and have good conversation. Hope everything is going great at your end.
        take care!!!

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      • Hey Nihar! For me painting and writing do the same thing. Get me into a whole new dimension. It’s only me and the canvas, or me and the words. I totally love that feeling. To me it comes close to meditation, as it empties my mind, and I get a wonderful result at the end 🙂

        About how I choose my subjects, I’ve been in the desert before, in Morocco, and I always wanted to paint sand dunes, but I had to wait until I improved. I usually use a picture as inspiration, in order to get light and shadows right.

        Sorry for not being around too much but I simply don’t have time for writing and reading, unless it’s for language practice. I have very little free time, so I have to use it wisely. Always good to chat for a bit though 🙂 Take care!

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      • Lucy, just yesterday I was talking to a good friend of mine who just returned from Morocco. They had such lovely time, traveled vast stretch of desert and they covered some 3000-3500 kms. They enjoyed every bit of their stay there, he was describing of their night stay in midst of the desert in a five star camp facility. The night they stayed back their were the only family. He was mentioning the night sky and the sunrise. The night sky was clear as it could be and he could see the milky way up there hanging in front of him. The changing shades of color with the movement of sun at the dawn and dusk was awesome. They visited these old town with rich historical significance and they also visited Casablanca to some places of war, of course they had sumptuous array of delicious food.:D

        I can understand where from you got the inspiration and why not such a beautiful canvas come out from an inspired soul. When the focus so powerful when the artist and the painter are creatively engaged in a dialogue, the result has to be awe inspiring. 😀

        I can understand, we all get busy and we all have own priorities get time is never easy but whenever we get it we should cherish those little moments, beauty of life lies in such hidden nuggets of life.
        Hope you are having a gratifying Sunday, just take care of yourself.


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