My First Oil Painting – Old Dutch Sail Ship

When I want something, I simply want something. No further explanations needed.

Being a bit too proud of my latest acrylic paintings and my new skills, I’ve decided it’s about time to feel bad once again, in order to motivate myself to improve even further. As acrylic and oil painting are so different, and from what I understood, it’s harder to paint in oil, I’ve decided to upgrade.

Buying my first oil set was a special moment. The only thing I could have in mind, was: my first painting has to be an old sail ship at sea. Why? No idea, but I wanted it.

As one of my friends said: “Why make it easy, when you can make it complicated?“. Most people start with a simple flower, but no, I have to start full speed, all engines running. No flower for me, unless is sitting on a sail ship. 🙂

First contact with oil paint was strange, to put it mildly. No more looking for water to quickly rinse my brush, no more finishing a painting in one go, no touching it for at least a few days. Even so, something about it fascinates me. The things you can do with oil, you simply can’t do with acrylic, and that alone is worth it, even if it means retraining myself on how to paint.

After painting one painting in 3 days, because of the different drying times, I must say I learned a lot, but what I’ve learned most of all is patience. You can’t do it all at once, but you can wait for the right moment.

And so I did, and with every brush stroke, I realized my first oil painting, isn’t a complete disaster, how I expected it to be, but it’s turning into something amazing.

old dutch sail ship

For a first try, I amazed myself, and I realized I was right all along to choose a ship at sea, instead of a simple painting. Painting something I really wanted, made me even more motivated to do it right!

Sails up, engines on and full speed ahead into more unknown waters!

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17 thoughts on “My First Oil Painting – Old Dutch Sail Ship

  1. Hi Lucy,
    I think you are so very brave to try oils (I never have mustered up the courage)… and I absolutely love your painting! What a great achievement, and on your first go.
    I think its a great choice of subject,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Laura! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m happy to hear you also enjoyed it. I’m so happy with the theme! I couldn’t have made a better choice ❤ Looking forward to my next one. Have a nice day!

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  2. It’s a beautiful painting, well done! I especially like the sea: you captured the waves very well. They have motion and depth. Maybe patience is a good thing to learn 🙂 I’ve always loved the rubbery texture of oil paintings, when you touch the surface

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    • Thank you so much!! It’s definitely my favorite so far. I love to paint the sea, and this time, I’m finally happy with it 🙂
      About patience, I think I’m the only painter who’s lacking patience :))) I definitely need to learn it, so it was a good exercise.
      I don’t know that feeling yes, as my painting is still a bit wet, but I’m looking forward to it hah.
      Have a lovely week and thank you for stopping by!

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