Lady’s Successful Story

Being all alone, in a shelter, can’t be a very pleasant experience for a sociable creature. Unfortunately, it happens more often than needed, for all the wrong reasons.

Some love the idea of a puppy, but can’t handle the fully grown dog. Others adopt a dog only to fill an empty space in their life. Some simply don’t have the time for a dog, and still, they want one. When it gets too hard and busy, regardless the reason, the sad conclusion is that the dog ends up in a shelter, wondering what happened.

Lady has been my shelter dog for the past 2 months. She arrived from a very sad situation, from a home which put her out of balance. Owner with emotional issues and being abused as a puppy equals unstable dog. Unfortunately this put her chances for adoption down to zero.


Gaining the confidence of a damaged dog is an amazing moment. A dog who doesn’t trust people, is a dog which can’t find a home. This is why all my effort was put, during the dog walks, into bringing back the pup she really is.

Going from walking in circles around the shelter in order to build up confidence, to walking longer distances, to walking with multiple people, to playing fetch, Lady went from a fearful dog, to an amazing pup, goofy and happy, ready for a new home.

lady shelter dog

The day finally arrived, and I’m so happy to know she got the loving home she deserves. To celebrate her success, I had to paint one of our favorite moments together. As she always loved to climb on me and be held, I think this picture says everything about our beautiful connection. 🙂

me and lady shelter dog

Thank you for being my doggy for 2 months and good luck in your life’s journey, precious pup!

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35 thoughts on “Lady’s Successful Story

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Judie! She’s an amazing dog. I was both sad and happy to see her go, as I’ll miss her a lot, but it’s great to know she’ll be loved and pampered by kind people! Off to my next challenge I guess 🙂

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    • Thank you for your kind words and for reading her story, Pit! She really deserved it. All other volunteers didn’t want to walk with her, because she was so difficult and fearful, so I’m happy I was a good influence in her life 🙂 I also wish her all the best and I hope she bring a lot of happiness to her new humans!

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      • We never had a shelter dog, but we had – long time ago – two strays [one adult about three years old, and one very young puppy only a few months old] who also took quite some time to become confident and trusting again.

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      • It’s great when it works though! I find it nice to put the time into it. They are great dogs, and with a bit of help they can have a nice life. Thank you for sharing your story and for taking care of them! I’m sure they are great memories!


    • Aww thank you, Laura! I’m happy yo hear that. She’s on a beautiful journey indeed. I’m so excited to know she’s part of a new family now. I hope they will love her and give her the warmth she needs 🙂 Have a lovely Monday!

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  1. From my heart thank you, Lucy, for fostering Lady until she found her forever home. My most cherished companions are my two rescues. We would not be together if it weren’t for someone fostering and loving them in between life on the streets and their now warm, caring home. Bless you!

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    • Thank you so much Eric for such a heartwarming message! I’m so happy to hear someone put the time into your two rescues. Unfortunately I didn’t foster Lady, as the shelter doesn’t allow volunteers to take the dogs home, but I worked with her every 2-3 days, for a few hours, to bring her to the point where someone could adopt her. I’m so sorry I couldn’t take her home… I really love her. She’s a very special one, so I’m happy someone gave her a second chance at a happy life! All the best to you and your furry babies and thank you once again for stopping by!


      • Even if you were unable to foster her, you were her life saving bridge between where she was and where she now is. That is both noble and beautiful, Lucy. Logan and Bailey send you lots of love licks.

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      • I’m so happy to see myself as that, Eric! Thank you! I hope I can do this for more dogs. She’ll be very much missed though! Sending lots of love to Logan and Bailey! x

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  2. What a wonderful story. 🙂
    I know how much time, effort and patience must have gone into rehabilitating Lady. Congratulations on achieving such a well-balanced, adoptable companion at the end of it.
    Knowing she finally has the home she deserves must help with your loss of her company – and you have your lovely picture as a reminder too 🙂

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    • I can’t agree more! I feel so happy she got a second chance at being a normal dog. She really deserves it, so I’m happy I was a small part in this 🙂 But I miss her a looot. I’d lie to say I don’t… Thank you for you lovely words! ❤

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      • All some dogs need is that one person to trust them and give them a chance. You were that person for Lady – and others too 🙂 I know she will stay in your heart forever, as you will be in her heart. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much for your beautiful words! I will definitely never forget her and I hope she’ll remember me as well. It’s so nice to have the love of such a special dog ❤ But you know as well how it feels!

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      • That’s beautiful!! I’m so happy someone was there for your babies before they ended up with you! That makes all the difference between a happy life, and a sad one, in a shelter. I hope more dogs will experience such beautiful moments!

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