Breaking Free

As I said before, painting portraits is quite a difficult task for me. You have to capture the right expression, emotion and the organic feel of a human being. Including all of them in a brush stroke, makes you rethink every move you make.

However, painting nonmaterial things, such as feelings and emotions can be quite a challenge.

Today I decided to paint a human emotion, for the first time. We all feel joy, anger, sadness in a different way. But if we would have to represent them through an image, I think sending the message out there can prove to be hard.

We have no idea where to begin, but when we breath and look inside us, we can see the light and colors. Our minds guide us through the process.

We are slaves to our own minds

Breaking free starts from inside us. Breaking free starts with choosing to see the light within us. Leaving darkness behind, and following our inner light, is what gets us on the right path, in a soft and gentle way, like a butterfly’s delicate touch.

break free

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10 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. Breaking free, yes Lucy ironically we are all prison of our wonderful mind. The storehouse of creativity. We keep storing and keep forgetting to use it. These are transient. These thoughts keep evaporating. And there so many things that keeps coming and going in my mind. The inside story is dark, deep and we try to define and confine, it’s never easy. To give a passage for the light to enter and enlighten us. The color to flow to create a canvas. The feelings and emotions are the essence of human relationships and existence, what is life without the expression of our inner emotions. In real life there are limitation and there are constraints in freely expressing ourselves.

    This is where art provides us the space to play with our imagination, painting is a wonderful window to look at our own inner world. We bring all our hues and shades into live through light and color, and you have brilliantly depicted through your classical art form. The white color manifesting the light within and the butterflies signifying the freedom from the clutches of agony, assumptions and despair. When we are in the zone, yes our mind guides us and takes us to the doorstep of salvation and it is for us to take the next step and unlock the lock of the door that has anchored us and has restrained us from taking the uncharted path of life…we need to explore and we need to expand and we need to break free and give our mind the momentum and gumption to go wild and go far and wide.

    Life is beautiful and we have one life, we become cautious and we want to safe, life is more risky when we don’t take any risk…

    Lucy this is a deeply intriguing thought and the painting is eclectic and enlightening…
    Hope everything are going good.
    take care!!!


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