Kisses for the Doggy

Adopting a dog from a shelter is a very kind gesture. Opening your heart and home to an older dog, gives a very special pup a second chance at a normal life. And why not? All dogs deserve one!

To celebrate Doefes’ adoption, I made this painting for my friend, of them two enjoying a nice day in nature.

I wish you both a wonderful, long and happy life together, full of amazing adventures! Good luck, dear Doefes and have a great time with your new mommy!

charlotte and doefes

Contact me to buy an original painting or a very high quality reproduction on canvas 

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5 thoughts on “Kisses for the Doggy

    • Thank you!!! They sure are! I went to visit them last night and they’re having a great time. Also, she loved the painting, so I’m very happy 🙂 Thank you once again for stopping by and I wish you a lovely weekend! x

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  1. Lucy you always keep doing such wonderful things in life, it keeps inspiring people like me. Your paintings have depth and defines a new meaning of life, it just not another form of expression, it is the depiction of life and the engagement we have with living. Never easy to take care of animals and taking care of bruised dog and providing a shelter and care, speaks volumes of you and value that comes with your thought and actions.
    The emotions are so beautifully captured in the colors and shades in your canvas, it makes look so lively and so real.
    take care…

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    • Thank you so much my dear friend! As usual, your words make me feel so much better about my work 🙂
      I think my friend did such a wonderful kind gesture, that it was only normal to surprise her with a wonderful gift, coming straight from my heart!
      A lot of emotions go into such a painting, so I’m honored you could see them in my brush work!
      Have a lovely evening!

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      • Indeed Lucy when we do things with sincerity and with passion, it truly reflects in our work and in our engagement with the world outside, everybody appreciate and life indeed looks so beautiful. Being involved in art and expressing through beautiful art form like painting and for a cause that is so noble, it speaks volume about yourself.
        You are blessed and always be happy and take life on the stride.
        I really love your wonderful engagement with painting and the way your put brush to the canvas, you have beautiful dialogue with colors.
        Have a wonderful day ahead.
        take care Lucy.


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