Ups and Downs – Inner Demons And Home

Life is like the weather. Sometimes is sunny and gives you a warm feeling inside, while some other times it’s cold and stormy. One thing is for sure though, neither state is permanent. No matter how stormy is outside, the true sunshine comes from inside us. The best way to deal with a storm, is not to wait for it to pass, but to learn how to dance in the rain, and keep the light shining inside you.

demotivation-us_if-there-are-no-ups-and-downs-in-your-life-it-means-you-are-dead_14117184278After every storm there’s always sunshine and a rainbow. Nobody is always happy or always miserable. Life’s roller coaster is taking us from one island to the other, from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea and back. We just have to breath in and enjoy the ride, no matter how scary it might look. Every ‘down’ is a step forward and every ‘up’ is guided by our own reaction to the problem.  Seeing every low moment as a lesson learned and progress from where you used to be a while ago, will definitely improve the way in which you see the’ups’ in your life. It always gets better, as long as you don’t lose hope.

Home is not a place, but a feeling. Home is located deep inside us, and is created by ourselves, and like a fire, kept alive with a lot of dedication and care. Read more on my article about The Feeling Of Home.

During such ups and downs, we sometimes lose our feeling of home, and feel lost, like we don’t belong to any place anymore. We’re not sure what we’re missing, but the emptiness and sadness needs to be replaced with a warm cozy feeling. What we really need during the storm, is to feel at home, and we desperately search for ways in which to bring that feeling back into our lives.

Even if building walls around us during such moments seems like the natural way to deal with being hurt, what we really need is not to push everyone and everything away, but to find ourselves, and the missing puzzle part which is keeping us away from home.

the_problem_is_not_the_problemThat feeling can be brought back in so many ways, but most of the time we’re the ones keeping it from happening. Our mental state during a low point in our life is very important and determines the amount of time in which we wait to go home. Sometimes, our own feelings and reaction to the current problems push home further away from ourselves.

Even in darkness, there’s always something positive. We just have to put the effort into finding it, and don’t get overwhelmed by the lack of light. Darkness also has its own beauty, and most of the times, darkness and loneliness are the moments in which we get to know who we really are.

Loneliness is scary. Loneliness is like a mirror for our true self. Loneliness strips us down of any clothes, meat and bones, and all we’re left with is who we truly are. You can hide from others, but you can’t run away from yourself. All your thoughts and feelings are boxed in the same room with us, and we have nowhere to hide from our inner demons. Once we face the demons and we realize both ourselves and them are on the same side, we make peace with ourselves, and allow ourselves to go back home.

Such moments, teach us a lot about who we really are. Such moments bring out either the best in us or the worse. Is up to us to control which way we want to go.

What we really need to do is to stop pitying ourselves and channel our attention on something positive. Most of the time helping others the best cure for our own problems. Getting in touch with people or animals who are in situations much worse than we are or caring for the environment, is a good wake up call and a nice reflection on where our lives are heading.

Home always comes from the most unexpected places and experiences. When you feel like you need to hind behind a wall, push down the wall, set yourself free, spend time doing what you love, be active and keep your body and mind healthy. Remember who you truly are, and let that inner person take over. Spend time volunteering, focusing on your hobbies and passions, and on getting to know yourself better.

Every tomorrow is a new beginning and it’s your choice only if tomorrow will be better than today or worse. Look inside you, and you’ll find the power to guide your life towards that perfect feeling of home. It’s inside you, so keep it in your mind as the ultimate destination in life.

Be thankful for every ‘down’, feeling of loneliness and dark time in your life. In the end, those are the moments in which you learn more about yourself than you ever do when you’re happy.

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