Autumn night in acrylics – Street lamp and maple tree

Sometimes we don’t realize how inspiring a simple walk in the evening can be. Autumn shows its beauty even when the sun is gone, at the light of a street lamp.

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me,  fluttering from the autumn tree.” ― Emily Brontë

street lamp maple tree

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11 thoughts on “Autumn night in acrylics – Street lamp and maple tree

    • Thank you so much, Johanna! It’s amazing how much beauty cam be found on the streets, in a city. Love the combination of the light and red leaves ❤ Have a beautiful day!! xo


    • Thank you so much! Glad to hear this. I’ve been amazed by this image, on a street in the city. The leaves look so beautiful at the light of a lamp post. Isn’t autumn gorgeous? Have a lovely week. xo

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      • Autumn is gorgeous! I always enjoy it here as it signals the end of the long hot summer months and the cool change that you first notice at night is lovely. Now just going into summer here though! Hope you’re having a good week too xx

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