17 thoughts on “Flower Dog

    • I’m sure the doggy wouldn’t be happy with the flowers, but my plan was to paint organic flowers, in a nicer picture than the regular flowers in a vase 🙂 From that point of view, I think it came out pretty good. For real flowers, I would use a vase though! Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day! x

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  1. Very creative Lucy, yes, they deserve all the flowers, Well said who have never owned a dog, can ever look and understand the life the way somebody who has owned a dog…dog are such fascinating living being, the more live with them, the more we realize how much we miss life without them…I have personally had the pet and have seen life with pet and without pet…
    Painting the emotions are never easy and you have always did so with beauty and with perfection, art gets a new meaning with your hands…the canvas take a new shape with the colours and the lines you play with and the painting reflects the real life…it just not painting, it is a true reflection life on the canvas…
    cheers to such lovely expression of art…
    take care!!!

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    • Dear Nihar, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m very happy to know you enjoyed it. Indeed, emotions are hard to paint. Organic paintings are the hardest, as they need to look alive.
      I also experienced life with and without pets, and you are right, they are amazing creatures and make our life so much better. Nothing can replace a dog. They bring so much joy into our lives!
      I hope everything is going well with you. Have a lovely weekend ahead! take care!

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      • Yes Lucy, life with pets are a wonderful engagement of life which is felt truly only when one experiences it, it cannot to told, the smaller things and little aspects of talking with them makes such big difference in the way we live life.
        Painting are one of the toughest things to do in any art form, never easy to put the imagination, thoughts, colours, sketches and lines, and forms and shapes all together in perfect sync to get the music out of a canvas…the emotions are the essence of true paiting and capturing the nuances are the hardest part of the art…
        Yes, things are fine here, hope you are doing absolutely fine…
        You too have a great weekend.
        take care…

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      • The most difficult part is always to get the light/shadows right. Those are the details which bring a painting to life. I’m working on it with every painting, and I hope to master it soon.
        The connection we have with dogs is just amazing. They are my favorite animals and will always be. Such small creatures with big hearts 🙂 They sure love us in an unique way.
        Glad to hear you are doing fine. I’m also good, still very busy, but good. Autumn colors made me very happy lately 🙂

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      • Light and shadows are equally so important in real life, what is light without darkness, light gets the space when darkness moves away, life is beautiful when we are able to beautifully balance two paradoxes of life, the good and the bad, the love and the hate, the happiness and the sadness, the low and the high…painting is a mirror image of our real life in a canvas that comes to life with the colours and the touch of the person behind the painting…
        Yes, the connection with dog is just out of the world, once you have have it, no human being can replace that connection, it is indeed a mystical connection difficult to decipher if not experienced…
        I can understand but finding time in those busy time is what makes life and living that little more beautiful…

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