The Lego City – Utrecht – Lego World 2015

Grownups playing on the floor with toys? Grownups fascinated by what they see more than a child would ever be? Then it must be Lego related 🙂

From medieval times, to pirates, to miniature cities, Lego World is a beautiful mini-world, where people of all ages come together to get inspired and share their common passion for the amazing bricks.


Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, was chosen this year as the Lego World center for all Lego lovers. 23 trucks loaded with over 14 tons of Lego bricks made their way to the heart of Utrecht, turning part of the city, into a fun Lego city.

The most impressive part of the exposition was definitely in the Lego Fans area, where common people demonstrated amazing building skills, displaying their own impressive creations. After asking around, I realized how much work and dedication went into every single model, as none of the proud owners had any idea about the number of days which took them to finish their dream mini-world.


DSC_7858In commemoration of 15 years of LegoWorld in the Netherlands, the convention attempts this year to break the world record for the largest Lego tower ever built out of common Lego bricks, with the help of everyone present at the convention. The finished tower is to rise to a height of over 35.05 meters, and Lego will donate one thousand euros to the SOS Children’s Village for every meter built. Quite a nice way of making a mini-world, contribute into the real world, regardless of the final height of the tower.

After the tour of the place, you have to wonder, who is the biggest fan: child or adult? With such a view, I had troubles picking one of the two. 🙂 One thing is for sure, Lego keeps the child in every single one of us, quite happily alive.

legoworld2015 - 2

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9 thoughts on “The Lego City – Utrecht – Lego World 2015

    • Hey Johanna! Long time no see indeed. I recently moved into a new house and I’ve been fighting with the renovation for more than a month now, so I have little time and space to spend at the computer. The Lego World convention I just had to share though 🙂
      The exhibition with USA buildings sounds amazing! I’m sure it was a lot of fun to see them. Do you have any pictures? I’d love to see them.
      Thanks for your comment. Happy to hear from you. Have a lovely day! xo


  1. Hi Lucy, I have so wanted to connect with you again and here is my chance! What a great post! I love the Lego Panda and thought it was so cute 🙂 I never played with Lego, but when I visit the big car-boot market here at the weekends I often see a neighbour of mine buying up old Lego. She has made a lot of money just dealing in Lego, which shows how enduring is the love which people have for it.
    I do hope that you are ok? I have had a busy year and am trying to catch up. I am sure you have lots of news. Love Karen x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Karen! Long time no see. I’m very happy to hear from you! I hope you had a good year so far, even if very busy. I also had little time for the blog lately. Between some classes in spring, moving, renovation and work it got really hard. However, it’s all good and I’m happy I had some time to go see the Lego World. The Lego animals were amazing, but I agree, the panda is the cutest 🙂 I believe your neighbor make a lot of money with Lego. Is a pretty good investment, I would say. And so many people love it! Hard to fail. Have a lovely evening and lots of hugs xo

      Liked by 1 person

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