First Year Anniversary!

Time flies by, that’s for sure! It feels like only yesterday I wrote the first few words on, and today I realized it’s been a full year!

It all started a year ago, on September 3rd, when I quit my job, and I wanted to find an original way to say goodbye to my team and also inspire others to make the right choices about the best career path possible.

This is how AllRightChoices came to life, and it slowly became an inspirational life story, with the ultimate goal of motivating everyone around me, and putting a smile on their faces. Gradually, more and more people told me I inspired them to make the right changes in their lives, and all their beautiful stories made me keep going.

Now, a year and 145 blog posts later, with more than 800 followers from 3 different social networks, I would say is doing a pretty good job.

I would like to thank all of you for your support, friendship and kind words! It’s been a pleasure to have you on board on this amazing trip and I look forward to a new year full of adventures!

First Beautiful Year Of Blogging In Pictures

70 thoughts on “First Year Anniversary!

    • Thank you so much! I’m also looking forward to as many more years possible, and to many more inspirational posts. Welcome back from the trip! Looking forward to reading about how it went. Have a lovely day! ❤


  1. Congrats! What kind of work are you doing now? (sorry if you already answered this in the comments, I didn’t read them all) Just wondering if you’re a professional artist? I’ve also quit my job so many times, mostly for travel. I just always think, “oh well, it’s just a job”. Of course it could go badly too, if I never found a new job when I needed one… so far I’ve been lucky! (unemployment is getting bad over here..!) Anyway, congrats on 1 year! 800 followers is good!

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    • Thank you so much! You never asked me before 🙂 After I quit my job I took a few small programming projects, and since then I’ve been a full time writer and painter. I hope I can make it work with my passions. It’s so much better than having a job with doesn’t make me happy.
      Unemployment is a problem pretty much everywhere, so I’m happy to hear you never had to face this problem. Some of my friends had troubles find a job, and it’s not fun to wait for months, until you find something new.
      800 followers, added from 3 social networks, is not bad at all 🙂 I’m happy my voice is out there, and I hope I make a difference.
      Have a lovely weekend! xo

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  2. Congrats Lucy!!!

    Great to reach such a milestone, thought just the starting and it is indeed a wonderful feeling to be there. You deserve the best and the efforts you have put in, it reflects, it fetches the best dividends you deserve. Kudos to your fantastic presentation of the combination of art and writing.
    Many more years to go and many more milestones to reach. This is the beginning and you have an exciting world waiting for you with smiles though we have to cover a mile to reach there, you are already there.

    The gallery of photos are magical.

    Keep going higher and higher, the stars are within your reach and you are already rich in your heart of heart to connect and create magic our colours and words.
    Take care…


    • As always, thank you for your kind words my dear friend!! It’s indeed a milestone and I’m happy with my achievements in the past year. I came a long way and I met amazing new people like you, so it’s all worth it. I hope I’ll manage to keep inspiring others and improve on my writing and artistic skills.
      Cheers and have a lovely weekend!

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      • Lucy, you always keep inspiring others, I am no exception and with your wonderful creative thoughts, it keeps us meaningfully engaged and purposefully driven. I am really happy to have met you and have such wonderful exchanges of new ideas and so many different thoughts…
        My pleasure to keep sharing my thoughts with you and keep learning new things from you.
        God Bless you…
        take care!!!

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      • Thank you so much! Meeting amazing people like you is the best part of this first year of blogging. I’m happy to know I manage to send a positive message out there, and I hope to keep it up as long as possible 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! Take care!

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      • Indeed Lucy it has been a wonderful year of blogging, sharing such fascinating thoughts and meeting such amazing friends like you, this is just the beginning and the beautiful world of blogging has so many new things to share and learn from each other…looking forward to more such engaging discussion.
        take care.
        Have a blessed Sunday.

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