The Amazing Blue Moon

I’m very sad to inform you, that contrary to my belief, at a closer look, the moon is NOT made out of cheese 🙂

Even if not blue and not cheese, I think it looks absolutely amazing!!


Special thanks to my dear reliable Nikon, for making it happen.

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31 thoughts on “The Amazing Blue Moon

  1. I was reading about this today. I had to giggle cause the article specifically cited that the moon was in Aquarius. That just begged the question ” is Jupiter aligned with Mars?” Ha ha. Can’t wait to see the big moon tonight.

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  2. Amazing shot and Oh! just mesmerizing…timing of take really matters, moon’s beauty is exemplified with such lovely take. Indeed picture perfect. Photography is an eye for detail and eye for beauty and you have managed to capture both so brilliantly…
    Lucy, cheers to your wonderful take…

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    • Thank you my friend! Glad you enjoyed it. I think is absolutely amazing to see the moon so close. The amount of detail is fantastic. However, my camera did the work 🙂 I just pressed the button. Have a lovely day!

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      • In photography, camera is important but more important is the timing, the visualization and composition that the person does behind the camera that makes the difference between a good and a great photography and you have made that big difference in this capture…kudos to you.

        Cheers to wonderful take and this triggers our imagination to ignite something new and something beautiful to create…
        You too Lucy…

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      • Thanks, Nihar! You are right. However, I give most of the credit to the gadget. I previously had a difference lens which didn’t allowed me to click such amazing shots, no matter how good of a photographer I was. Now it’s possible, so yes, the difference is in the camera 🙂 I had very little to do with it. Cheers!

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  3. Magical dear Lucy. And how wonderful to think that despite how far apart your blogging friends are that many of us could all gaze upon this incredible sight. I saw it and thought it was breathtaking! K x

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    • Thank you dear Karen! Amazing how a picture can bring us together, right? I’m happy you had the chance to see it. I looked at this picture, for a few minutes, mesmerized by the beauty of the moon. Have a lovely Sunday! xo

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    • Thank you so much! I’m also mesmerized by the photo. I still look at it haha.
      The scientist also don’t have an exact answer about why the Moon looks bigger on the horizon. Here’s a theory: When we see stuff in the sky, like clouds, birds or airplanes, they seem tiny. But when we see the Moon, compared to closer objects on the horizon, like trees and buildings, our brain freaks out and decides that it’s actually larger. The Moon is always the same size though. It varies only by a little bit. Another theory is that the Moon illusion appears through atmospheric refraction.
      Regardless of how it happens, it’s always fascinating to see.
      You too have a lovely week! x


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