The Miracle of 3 Eggs

I always enjoy seeing baby animals, so I’m very happy Mother Nature rewarded me with such a beautiful gift: 3 new gorgeous tenants and a very busy mama bird, which works on emptying the bird feeder at an impressive speed.


I watched them growing for weeks, from hatching, to getting bigger and bigger, until today, the big day, when they spread their little wings and left the bird nest!

Good luck little ones in your life’s journey! I’m glad you made it! Come back home soon 🙂

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28 thoughts on “The Miracle of 3 Eggs

    • It sure does, Johanna! Such gorgeous little fellows. I’m very happy they grew up safe and made it into the world 🙂 Such events put a smile on my face. Thanks for stopping by! xo

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    • Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Such adorable little creatures. I was afraid a cat might get them before they make it into the world, but it looks like they are safe! I hope they live many happy years 🙂 Have a great day!

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  1. You are being pampered by nature and why not, you deserve the best. Being close to nature and loving nature, gets you to see such beauty of nature. I can feel the excitement of seeing them grow and finally ready to fly, and fly high…we all love the freedom and joy of freedom makes us really happy and takes us places…
    Cherish such beautiful moments bestowed by nature to selected few and you are one of the privileged one…take care!!!

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    • I’m being pampered for sure! It was very exciting to see them grow, but a bit disappointing to see them leave, as I got used to watching them in the nest 🙂 Still, I’m happy they had a good start in life. Hopefully they can keep it up. Thank you for your lovely words and comment! Have a great day 🙂

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      • Yes, it is a pleasure to see others grow and go far places, seeing other happy makes us happier and it is not easy, this comes with maturity and experience, we have to keep our selfish interest and our ego aside to get to that stage of self control and a balance in how we think and feel about many things in life, the art of living lies in the art of controlling things and knowing to manage and how detach with things which on longer attachment can bring us down and make us dependent in life, nothing is permanent and that thought is never easy to accept and align with our lifestyle…

        We learn so much from nature and these little birds makes us think about what is life and how we look at it…
        take care!!!

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      • Very beautiful thinking! Indeed, as humans, it’s in our nature to don’t let go. But, you can only admire a butterfly as long as it sits around us voluntarily. Trying to make it stay will take away his freedom and beauty. This is why we can’t force anything or anyone to be around us. We have to let them free, and enjoy their presence again, if they return one day. I sure hope I’ll see my birdies again, one day 🙂 Nature teaches us all we need to know! Take care and have a lovely weekend!

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      • Freedom is precious to everybody and we all love perverse and reserve our quota of freedom and that is the space we all want and we don’t to part with anybody but only with our mind and soul, we want for us and us only…animals and birds are no excpetion, in fact they born free and to freely be with the nature, it is human beings that disurb their existence and comfortable presence with the nature…
        There can’t be a better teacher than the nature but we keep ignoring and keep look at things which are far from nature and never seen how nature have nurtured human beings and it;s evolution over the ages…
        you too and take care!!!

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    • They already did! It was a bit sad to see an empty nest, but I’m happy all of them made it out there. I hope they’ll have a long and beautiful life 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


      • Yeah.. I’m glad as well.. you know, a fee years ago I had 4 puppies born near my home. Out of then 3 did not make it. Only 1 of them survived. I was so sad then. Indeed you would have taken good care of these little kittens .

        I’m glad to meet you Lucy 🙂

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      • That’s just too sad 😦 Unfortunately, we can’t save all of them. It’s good to do as much as we can though. Glad to meet you too! x

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