The Challenge of a Bad Quality Picture

As a painter, I offered a few times already, some of my paintings, as a gift, to my loved ones. A few months ago, I painted for the first time one of my best friend’s dead pet, as a Christmas gift, and it was quite an experience. The pressure of getting it right, is always very high, when it comes to giving someone the chance of seeing their pet one last time, for the first time, through a picture.

Making a new friend who enjoys my work, I was asked recently to paint something for him. It was a hard decision to choose a theme for the painting, but knowing my friend’s German Shepherd died a few years ago, I’ve decided to take the challenge of painting his pet.

With only one very bad quality picture available, I struggled to make the dog look as close to reality as possible, and bring him back into my friend’s life. With the painting now completed, all I can hope for, is that I got it right 🙂


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33 thoughts on “The Challenge of a Bad Quality Picture

    • Thank you, Johanna! I plan to surprise him with the painting, when I visit Ro. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it a lot. He loved the dog so much, so I’m happy to do this for him. You too have a lovely weekend! Many hugs xo ❤


    • I can’t agree more, Indah! Our pets always become part of our family and is very hard to lose one… This is the second time I paint someone’s dead pet, and I always hope it will bring them some comfort. In the end, we feel better looking at the good moments we had together with out beloved dog. Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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    • Thank you for your kind words and for reading. Very much appreciated! If it makes him happy, that’s all that matters 🙂 I love to make people smile. Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Yes, Lucy as told you, this has come out so much lively and it looks as if in front and the eyes are close to real…with all the emotions and the love the dog showers on his/her owner without any expectation and unflinching faith.

    It is never easy to paint and capture the feelings, emotions and the expression which matters, just like the photography where it much easy and one can play with the Photoshop unlike in the Painting it needs lot of patience and dedication, it needs the imagination to fly and explore the unseen and unknowns. You have lot that needed to capture the beauty of nature and bounty of life with so many layers and colours…it is amazing.

    Hope you are planning for a nice weekend…best wishes for the upcoming last exam and Mom must be recovering well. Take Care!!!

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    • Thank you dear Nihar! You are far too kind. As you said, life is hard to paint. It needs to look organic, it needs to have emotions and life. Quite hard when it comes to a certain animal/human, as those little details makes it recognizable or not. The first time I painted my friend’s dog, last year, I was very scared to give her the painting, because of this reason. It came out right though 🙂
      Even harder is to paint humans. I don’t really do portraits as I doesn’t really master the tricks to get it right. However, for someone who was never taught how to paint, I’m doing pretty decent. It all comes from the heart.
      Thank you for the wishes! Getting ready for the exam, and mom is doing pretty good. Looking forward to finishing with the class. Have a lovely weekend! Take care!! 😀

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      • Yes, life is a stage and we all play but painting our emotions and feelings onto the canvas is an art and few are blessed with this artistic hand and you are one of them…you are right it comes from the heart and though few techniques can be taught but the passion has to be within.
        Human emotions are so diverse and vast, it is always a challenge to confine them in the boundary of canvas and colours.

        Good to hear that your mom is doing well and yes, best wishes for the exam and I am sure you will do brilliantly well…

        Yes, I will and you too have a great weekend…take care.

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      • I never had someone to teach me how to paint. It just happened, and I constantly work on getting it better. I can see my progress with every new painting, and I love the feeling 🙂 Maybe one day I should have someone teach me a few tricks, as heart is not everything for a good quality painting. Thank you for your beautiful words though 🙂 Very much appreciated!
        I’m sure the exam will go smoothly. I look forward to getting it over with hah 🙂
        Take care!!

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      • Yes Lucy, the journey is more important than the destination, the journey of learning the art is what matters, once we reach the destination it is again a search for some thing more profound and powerful…the journey of learning the art of painting is fulfilling…
        Yes, will catch up once your exams are over, best wishes and take care…

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    • Thank you so much!! That’s very kind of you to say. I hope he will enjoy it 🙂 It’s very hard to capture the expression of someone’s pet. I did my best though. Many hugs and have a lovely weekend!

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    • Thank you for your kind words Anne! I also believe so. I don’t understand how some people can look at their pets in a different way. Have a beautiful week! x


    • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I’m so sorry for your loss 😦 Is never easy to lose a part of our family … I still think about my bird, which died when I was younger. We just have to open our hearts and let in another furry creature. Even if they are with us for a short while, the joy they bring into our lives makes it all worth it! Have a lovely day! x

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    • Aww thanks, Gin!! ❤ I also love the eyes. I hope my friend will enjoy it as well. I'll give him the painting soon. Such a pity to lose such a beautiful pet… 😦


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