Spring Walk In Three Colors, Birds and a Wagging Tail

Best way to experience the new season? By going out for a walk and enjoying Mother Nature’s colorful new clothes.

The color spectrum goes from green, to yellow, to red, to purple, from one plant to the other. What can be more beautiful than this?

Another wonderful aspect of warmer weather is the presence of more and more creatures, coming out to celebrate the return to life of nature.

I love birds, and it’s a great feeling to hear them sing, in early spring. It feels like the entire nature comes back to live, mesmerized by their lovely song.

I was lucky enough to come very close to a few House Wrens, which were making a nest in the area. Extremely rapid, bubbling and full of live, just like the sounds they make, it was pure joy to see them build.

A few interesting facts about House Wrens:

When establishing a territory, a male fills all available cavities or nesting boxes in its domain with sticks, which seems to protect the nest sites from encroachment by other Wrens.

When it arrives, the female selects a nest site, throws out much of the material deposited by the male and builds another nest.

A male often attracts two mates. Males sometimes puncture other birds’ eggs, possibility in defense of their nesting territory.

~ Special thanks to my dear friend, Frances,

for the information provided ~


Gorgeous little creatures, aren’t they?

However, the best part of going out for a walk, is sharing it with a walk enthusiast. Who better for this job, than Lisa? 🙂

If you ever wondered how a graphic representation of ‘being happy’ looks like, in the left picture you can see it clearly (that’s also what I call the ‘There’s Mommy!’ face).


Spring is known for a very moody weather, and from time to time (most of the time), it decides to display all seasons in one day. When you get beautiful white ‘pearls’ racing down from the sky, followed shortly by snow, you tend to reconsider your walking plan of the day, or at least make it shorter 🙂

All in all, flowers in the sun, birds singing and a wagging tale. A perfect combination for a perfect spring day!

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50 thoughts on “Spring Walk In Three Colors, Birds and a Wagging Tail

    • That sounds lovely! I also enjoy being in the nature, a lot. Seeing Lisa enjoying it so much, makes it even better 🙂 Have a lovely day and happy walking!


    • You are amazing! You always manage to put a smile on my face haha Thank you so much!
      I guess we all love spring 🙂 It’s so beautiful to see nature back to being green. xo

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  1. Oh Lucy this is a GREAT TO BE ALIVE post! Fabulous photos, bursting with joy and colur. And I love Wrens and I loved the little story about the nest building. I really laughed at the scene of the little tiny female throwing all those twigs about!
    Lisa is in heaven! You have made her the happiest dog alive. That special dog deserves love, love, love for every day for the rest of her life. And you do too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much dear Karen! This is a very full of life time of the year, and you can see it all around us. It was wonderful to see the birds build a nest. Unfortunately, after the past few days storm, the nest was blown away 😦 Good thing it happened before any eggs were at risk.
      Lisa had a wonderful time walking around and sniffing all the new plants. She loves to walk but unfortunately she can’t go as far as she would want to, because of her age. Still, we manage to have some nice walks 🙂 Her face when she saw the hail was priceless (something like: oh man….not snow again… haha). She gets a lot of love, and gives as much back, and even more. She’s a dear! ❤
      Have a wonderful day! Lots of hugs x


    • I must say, I haven’t seen Lisa this happy, ever 🙂 She always enjoy walks, but when she saw the hail, her face was priceless. I guess she was afraid of another snowfall haha. Even the dog is looking forward to sunny days so she can lay down in the garden 🙂
      Have a wonderful day! ❤

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    • Than you so much for your lovely comment! Indeed, dogs are the best companions. They fill our life with joy, that’s for sure.
      I’m sorry to hear is still winter in Wisconsin. Over here, is on and off. Winter is still trying to claim back its territory, and the hail is the best proof of that 🙂 Still, the flowers are hanging in there quite nicely!
      Have a great day and hugs to Choppy!

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      • I’m trying to remind myself that, at least with our late spring, we get to enjoy all the pictures of everyone else’s flowers now, and our own flowers in person later. It’s not much comfort, but it’s something!

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      • Seasons can be so different around the world. The difference is huge from one part to the other. Still, every spot has its own beauty. Here’s a quote you might enjoy 🙂
        “Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul. — Mario Quintana”
        I wish you a very early start of spring, and the gift of seeing beauty into everything around you! x

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    • My pleasure! It was a wonderful walk for sure, and it was nice to share it, in pictures, with everyone. It’s always nice to see so much life around us, after a long winter.
      The Wrens are such beautiful birds. I love to hear them sing. It was so much constant work to build that nest! I’m very much impressed.
      Happy Easter to you as well! Have a lovely day 🙂


  2. Wonderful photos Lucy! I know exactly what you mean about the northern hemisphere spring – we’ve had snow showers, high winds and sunshine all in a week since I got here! Today is cold, rainy and foggy but yesterday was lovely! Lisa is adorable it’s wonderful how excited dogs get when they know you’re going out for a walk. Winston,our dog, runs what we call ” schnoodle circles” round the house when he sees us in our walking shoes and he could quite happily do 3 walks a day but it is usually 2! Wishing you a lovely weekend 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! The weather was definitely moody in the past few days. We had sunshine, snow, hail and rain in the same hours haha. Still, the flowers are hanging in there! I hope you will have the best weather possible, during your visit.
      Dogs are always so happy to go on walks 🙂 In the end, they are still wolves, so no better place than in the nature. It’s fun to see them having so much fun and getting so excited! 🙂
      Did you bring little Winston along in Europe?
      Have a lovely day! ❤ x

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Lucy no unfortunately we can’t bring Winston with us when we travel to Europe – too far for him on the plane! He is back home with our cat and a lovely house and pet sitter! We do miss him ( and the cat of course) very much- your lovely photos of Lisa cheered me up. The weather may be fining up tomorrow yay! 😃😃😃

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know what you mean! We also wouldn’t take Lisa with us, by plane. The conditions aren’t the best to be in, for a pet. And it’s even worse with Lisa’s old age. Better in the comfort of home, but I’m sure you miss them both, a lot!
        I’m happy to hear the pictures cheered you up. She has this effect on people hah 🙂 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoyed them. I find it very weird to hear for some bloggers autumn arrived. We just got rid of the cold weather hah 🙂 Still, autumn is also beautiful. I love the colors! Have a great day! Hugs xo


  3. Aawww…thank you Lucy, for quoting the information I sent to you about the House Wrens and your thank you to me in your article about Spring. That was so nice of you to do so. I was happy to provide that information to you because, like you, I, too love the birds and other wildlife I enjoy that come into my yard to feed and to nest in all the bird houses we have. I am so glad to have you to share the wonders of nature and Lisa too!

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    • My pleasure, dear Frances. It was the right thing to do, considering you sent that very interesting info about the wrens. It’s wonderful to find out more things about nature, so thank you for that 🙂 Lots of hugs and love, from me and Lisa ❤


    • Thank you! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed them! They are beautiful birds, and as you said, their song is absolutely amazing! They made a nest around our home, so we see them everyday. ❤ Have a great evening!

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