Bookstore and a Cup of Style

At the request of one of my friends, I went to take a look at the new Carusel Bookstore. Located on Lipscani street, in the Old City of Bucharest, the store takes the passion for reading and book shopping to the next level, through the surrounding atmosphere and unique style.DSC_48944

Hosting a bistro, a media centre, an art gallery, and the most beautiful design of all the bookstores in the area, the store invites you in, to tell you its beautiful story. 

The very elegant building, dating back to the nineteenth century, was originally owned by a famous family of bankers, until it was confiscated during the communist period, together with many other similar buildings. After 1990, the building was recovered by Jean Chrissoveloni, the current owner, who started the full restoration, bringing the beautiful construction back to life. After looking around for a bit, I would say a project well done!

Sadly enough, after my first visit, I realized not many people go there for the books, but for the building design or to get out of the cold weather, and the people who go there for the experience books have to offer, can’t really enjoy it, as the place gets really busy and loud. 

All in all, a gorgeous building, with a lot of potential. The best part is that a historical building was saved from a very slow death, adding more value to the old city of Bucharest.

6 thoughts on “Bookstore and a Cup of Style

  1. Impressive to have such bookstore in a building with long history. Unfortunately some bookstores are dying in the Netherlands..more and more people now reading using their e-readers and buy their books online. I am one of the e-reader users. However, sometimes I do still go to the bookstores to wander around and get inspired by just seeing the books around. I think there are still some books that can’t be replaced by e-book format like interactive children books, or travel guide books…

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    • Yes, the building is absolutely amazing. I believe bookstores are dying everywhere in the West, not just in NL. I am also one of the e-books readers. When I do a lot of travel, I find it much easier to carry my books in a Kindle, rather than have a few paper printed versions with me. However, I do love the experience books offer, and in some cases, like when it comes to study, I find it easier to do on a printed book. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. Oh Lucy, what a little treat you have given us! I love the building and yet it is a shame that the bookstore seems to lack the peace and tranquility which is a necessary to enjoy browsing there. I love books, especially old ones.
    I thought your photos were fabulous!

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I also love that building. I was amazed when I first went inside there. Unfortunately, the location makes it not the best environment for going inside for the books. Most people use the top floor bistro from what I could see … Books are slowly dying in this country 😦 I also love books, especially the smell of the older ones. However, I do read more and more on my Kindle, as it makes it easier to take many books along, when I travel. Have a lovely day! ❤


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