Spring Flowers – TulipMania

Best part about spring? Definitely the flowers! And nothing puts a smile on my face better than gorgeous tulips do, in early March.

Happy Spring, everyone!



28 thoughts on “Spring Flowers – TulipMania

  1. Happy Spring! 🙂
    This post reminds me of how my Mum would plant bulbs and then hide them in a cupboard under the stairs! I never really understood what she was doing, but she got amazing hyacinths etc 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous photos Lucy I love tulips they are one of my favourite flowers and these colours are so pretty 🙂 Happy spring too it’s such a lovely time of year! Here in Perth, it’s autumn but that is also my other favourite season, just lovely days still warm and sunny but without the real heat any more! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! I can’t say I miss autumn right now, as after autumn we always get cold weather and snow 🙂 I’d love to see the pictures from Perth though, with the change in colors. That’s always beautiful to see. I’m looking forward to more spring flowers and green grass hah. Have a lovely Saturday! x

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      • I think it still looks rather summery here Lucy but once I’m back from my travels next month we should really be into autumn proper so I’ll take some photos then! Our vines along the fence are still very green – they look lovely when they start going a burnished red! Autumn here signifies the end of the really hot weather so we are always glad to see it – spring and autumn are so lovely here! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

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      • That sounds absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to seeing those pictures! Usually here people get sad when autumn arrives, as it’s the end of ‘going on trips’ season. 🙂 You can’t swim in the sea anymore, so for some people colder weather isn’t very exciting. However, I find every season special in its own way! Hope your Sunday is beautiful! ❤

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      • I can understand that autumn can be quite depressing when you know very short days and cold grey weather are coming. Winter is still much colder here than summer but I love the refreshing change and look forward to rugging up and drinking a glass of red wine by the fire in the evenings! Hope you’re enjoying spring weather my daughter in London says it’s starting to warm up! 😃

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      • It can be depressing but it’s also really beautiful. I absolutely love the colors. They inspire me to paint and be creative. Also, your idea with the red whine doesn’t sound too bad either haha. Yes, the weather is nicer already. Looking forward to more green grass and leaves and flowers 🙂

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      • I hope it continues I always feel the cold after arriving in Europe coming off a Perth summer I’m rugged up in scarves and warm jackets whereas others are starting to wear more spring-like clothes!

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      • Hahaha, I know that feeling very well. It looks like it will get warmer and warmer, or at least in Romania. What always happens to me is I catch a cold, after returning to a warmer place, from a colder one. Very annoying. Still, it’s worth to travel. Makes you richer in a way nothing else does!

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      • Absolutely travel is such a wonderful experience 😃 I know for some reason, when you move from one climate zone to another, you can often catch a cold. I will be packing all my vitamins or going to Boots the chemist in the UK to buy some when I get there! 😃

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