Martisor, Friendship and New Traditions

After I wrote a few thoughts on the Romanian Spring traditions for 1st of March, my friend Karen, from UK, took the challenge to make a few talismans and share them with her friends and family. I’m so honored and proud of her work. The talismans are absolutely gorgeous!

Dartmoor Flower Shed

The north easterly wind rattles my ancient sash windows and the Snowdrops close their petals tightly against the chill. Pulling on my warmest hat, I head out to the garden to set up my little French grey painted table outside my gate. I have been selling pots of Snowdrops decorated with feathery moss there.

This is the first time I have done this and it is such fun! I leave an honesty box padlocked to my gate for customers to leave their payment and every day the change in the tin has exactly matched the number of Snowdrops sold. And when I set them out, they look so sweet and hopeful; a little sign of Spring, cushioned by moss. I check my calendar and Spring is not due to begin here until March 20th. This is like torture! Surely there is something I can do to speed things up…

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