Well, wasn’t that a very short spring?

Spring is not here, not even close.Β Don’t ever trust a snowdrop in January! πŸ™‚

Today we had a fairytale-like snowfall, and I don’t think I ever saw Mother Nature transform this beautiful before. Either this, or I really missed the snow!

Lisa most definitely had a great time checking out Mother Nature’s winter clothing.

And when it’s this cold outside, I never forget about my outside buddies, so the birdhouse provided shelter and food, during the storm, for this gorgeous bird.Β image_3

On our way back, we must stop to smell the roses (as it’s too cold for roses, we have to work withΒ snowdrops and we don’t mind, at all πŸ™‚ ).


Happy winter-spring everyone!

22 thoughts on “Well, wasn’t that a very short spring?

  1. Such pretty photos Lucy and Lisa looks to be having fun! The snowdrops look lovely peeping through the snow – it’s obviously gone a bit cooler again! We’re coming over to the UK towards the end of March so am starting to check the temperatures and wonder if it will be a cold spring in Europe (we’re going to Munich and Bavaria too). I always find it so cold after coming from the Perth summer less than 15 seems freezing cold to me! Hope you’re having a good week πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. When I came back inside and saw the pictures, my heart melted. She looks absolutely adorable in every single one of them. This was a cold winter for sure, but I can’t complain that much. In my area it was fine. I’ve seen worse πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to hear about you Europe adventure. I’m sure you will love it. Munich is gorgeous. Is your daughter going to join you for your visit in Bavaria? Have a lovely week! Hugs


      • You’re very welcome Lucy – yes Lisa certainly looks adorable in your photos! Am looking forward to our trip we leave towards the end of March! I will just have to work out how to blog on the road too – I have the WordPress app on my iPad so will try and use that. Will just do shorter pictorial posts whilst travelling and write up more when I’m back! We will be in the Uk initially seeing family and staying a few days in London catching up with our daughter and other family and friends. Yes she’s coming to Munich just for the last 3 days we’re there – she’s very excited as she hasn’t so far managed to get to Munich! Wishing you a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚

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      • Thank you once again for your kind words! You trip sounds like so much fun. I’m sure you will manage to connect to WordPress and send some short updates. It’s great that you will have the whole family in Munich. I hope you will have lots of fun πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend! x

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    • Thank you so much for your comment, Sue! It was so beautiful indeed. I love the way Lisa looks in the snow. She’s not a big fan of snow, but it was nice to explore for a bit πŸ™‚ Have a lovely week!

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  2. I love the photos of snow and snowdrops, but as I scrolled down, I have to confess that I was really hoping for pictures of Lisa! And there she was; steadfast and content in the snow!
    From-The Lisa Fan Club x

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    • Aww thank you so much Karen! You are the sweetest! Thank you so much for your kind words. If you have a fan club, can I join as well? hah πŸ™‚ I can’t help myself. Every time I see a nice landscape, I must click a few pictures of Lisa. She’s so photogenic πŸ™‚ Looks like my camera loves her haha. Being a black dog, the snow looks lovely on her coat. I used her big fluffy towel 3 times that day, to dry her πŸ™‚ We definitely had a great time, and it seems like she also loves snowdrops. She spent some time sniffing them πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend! Lots of love and hugs from me and Lisa! xo

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    • Thank you! I adore spring flowers. They stay with us for such a short while, but have a huge impact on nature, that’s for sure. Sorry you don’t have them anymore. I hope the virtual ones managed to put a smile on your face πŸ™‚

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