Madurodam – Think Small, See Big

The major pain of travel: you can’t ever see everything you want. It’s either the time, or something else, but it’s always that one thing you’ve missed.

If you find yourself in this situation while visiting Netherlands, there is a solution, sort of. How about visiting a whole country in just one day?

image_1Madurodam, located in The Hague, gives you the opportunity to discover, in only one day, the entire Netherlands, at a smaller scale. Even more, it allows you to be the center of the main activities happening on a daily basis, around the country. You can put out the fire on a ship or load containers, operate the storm surge barrier, become part of Schiphol Airport’s staff, and many more.

The amount of work which went into the details of the buildings makes you appreciate this place even more. Every building is a very detailed copy of the real one. This, combined with the sound effects, will put you right on the spot. The more you look, the more you see, the more real it becomes.

Doesn’t really count as being there, but second best. Close enough I would say, and a fun place to visit!

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