Santa’s Reindeer – Lisa’s Job Application

The holiday season is finally here, and Lisa has decided to become one of Santa’s Reindeer. She’s very excited and nervous, and is looking forward to the reply from the North Pole.

Here is her job application:

Name: Lisa

Specie: Dog Reindeer (shhht)

Q: Are you naughty or nice?

A: Mommy says I’m the nicest dog she’s ever seen.

Q: Do you like cold weather?

A: Yes

Q: What skills of yours would be helpful for Santa? 

A: I can help Santa carry all the cookies from the children, to the sleigh, because I’m a good dog reindeer.

Q: The cookies are for Santa. Are you fine with eating the carrots left by the children?

A: No cookie?! 

We need to see how you look like. Please submit your photos below: 

What do you guys think? Does she stand a chance? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Santa’s Reindeer – Lisa’s Job Application

  1. Yes! Lisa would make the perfect Reindeer ( except…….she is not looking tooo happy about it). I tell you what Lisa, if Santa says ‘no’, you could come and be a Reindeer here on Dartmoor. Snow is forecast this Winter and no one here has ever seen a real Reindeer, so everyone would think you were perfect. Well you are perfect! An adorable Dogdeer! x

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    • Thank you so much for the adorable comment, Karen! That’s very sweet of you. I’ll inform Lisa about your back-up plan, and because you know her real ‘identity’, she might get away without wearing the reindeer hat 🙂 . She’s going to be excited. Have a lovely Sunday! xo

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