Back to the Past – Journey Through Time

I don’t know about you, but when I look at the pictures below, I can see the past and the present blending right in front of my eyes.


Even if after the first glance you might believe there’s no place for such a device, in the present, think again. Evolving from a generous size box, to a brick, to a mobile brain, you are looking at the ancestor of your smartphone. Hard to believe, especially for the younger generations, as we are used with our phone doing a whole lot more than just phone calls. Besides this, we can’t imagine not having our own, personal one. Does any of you remember the times when you had to call your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s house, and one of the parents would answer the phone? You were facing the hardest decision of your life: hang up or blabber your way through the conversation 🙂 Sure our current day phones tend to be a bit more ‘supportive’ and flexible in this sense.

DSC_1552Seeing this typewriter projected me into the moment of the first document I’ve ever typed. Even if I was only 5 years old, I still remember using it. Putting the few words I knew how to write back then, on a piece of paper, was an extraordinary experience!

Typewriters have come a long way over the past couple of centuries. At one point, the keyboard got separated from the printer, so the typewriter was split into two completely different devices. Nowadays we are used to a smaller size keyboard (no offence to the typewriter) which makes less noise, and a separate printer. Yes, the typewriter is the modern day printer and keyboard, combined. Hard to tell when we are used to keyboards which can now be folding, water-proof, thumb-sized (for mobile devices) and virtual (touch-screen). Now that’s what I call evolution!

DSC_1548Before the manufacturing of the first sewing machine, clothes were expensive to make because of the amount of time invested into sewing all the pieces of fabric together. During the Victorian era, sewing machines became a very common device into every household, and slowly spread in every corner of the world. Since then, electric machines appeared, with a motor strapped on the side, and later on, computer controlled machines, which made easier the mass production of clothes, all around the world.

Such beautiful pieces of technology, taken on a crazy journey through time, changed to adapt to our needs. Don’t believe even for one second that there’s no place for them in the present, because they are everywhere around us. You are looking at a few pillars of the society we live in today!

4 thoughts on “Back to the Past – Journey Through Time

  1. Oh what a wonderful post and I’m loving the photos of the old phone and typewriter. I’m not that old but I remember when people had these things and totally agree that things were lot different from now. I laughed at the part calling the boyfriend/girlfriend and their parents answering haha

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