First week with a dog

The first week spent with my adorable pup just flew by!


My little Picasso, helping with the paintings

Adopting a dog was the best decision I made lately. My life became so much more beautiful, in just a few days time.

And Lisa is absolutely fantastic. I am amazed by the speed and smoothness with which she allowed me in her heart. Such a well behaved and sweet pup! She keeps on surprising me everyday with what she does.

I don’t think I ever saw a dog to adapt so fast to any situation. You can drive or walk with her anywhere and she is happy to be with you. She follows me around the house like an eagle, and doesn’t get scared by loud noises, made by the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, or other appliances, which means it is very easy to have her around.

I love it when I work at my computer and get an adorable puppy face, looking up at me. I adore her funny yoga stretching pose, belly rub position, morning kisses, smart eyes and gentleness.

A perfect fit for the ‘dog shaped hole’ in my heart! She got in there and left paw prints all over the place. Looking forward to even more sweet moments spent together 🙂

14 thoughts on “First week with a dog

      • That is such great news 🙂 Most people only adopt young dogs. Mr Spaghetti Legs, that I adopted a year ago, is at least 13 years old – and still got lots of life in him 🙂
        Your “puppy” looks very happy to be with you too 🙂

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      • Well, if a dog needs a home, I think age shouldn’t have anything to do with it. She’s full of life and very lovable. Wouldn’t change her for a pup 🙂 Happy to hear you also adopted an older dog. That’s super! Hugs

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  1. The bond which the two of you have between you can be seen and felt from here in England. Lisa is SO happy to be with you! Her love and trust in you is so touching, it melts my heart.
    You are going to share so much love. I am so pleased for you both, it’s just lovely. x

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  2. Oh… Thanks for posting this! Reading about your new doggy made me smile – what a cutie! Helps remind me it might be time to adopt another pup, likely an older-wiser one like your Lisa… =0)

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    • Thank you so much for your comment! I am very happy to hear you want to adopt an older dog. That’s beautiful! So much better to give a home to a dog which needs it. I am very happy with Lisa. Couldn’t have a better dog! She’s everything I ever wishes for, and more. Good luck with being adopted by a pup and please let me know when it happens and how it goes 🙂 Have a great weekend! Hugs


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