Introducing my adorable pup, Lisa

20141023_2306366After years of waiting, THE moment is finally here. I’m very proud to let you know I finally have a dog! Her name is Lisa, and she’s an adorable 12 year old Husky Labrador Mix.

I didn’t have in mind to get a dog anytime soon, but when we met, she adopted me, and the rest is history.

Welcome to the family, sweet Lisa! We’ve very happy to have you here.

6 thoughts on “Introducing my adorable pup, Lisa

    • Oh, she is, for sure. At first I had doubts she will adapt, but she did it very fast. She’s an amazing dog. I am still surprised everyday bu what she does. Very sensitive to the surroundings and you can tell she loves me very much 🙂 I’m very luck to have her!

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