Sweet Greek Puppy Kisses

You know that feeling when you meet a dog, and you can’t take it out of your mind? I have this way to often, but this cutie left paw prints all over my heart, so I had to share these photos with you:


Thank you, gorgeous pup, for making my trip sweeter at the first tail wag! I will miss you!

4 thoughts on “Sweet Greek Puppy Kisses

  1. That’s because she wanted you to be her MOM! Did you adopt her? Was she a stray?
    She looks like a Golden Retriever…a real beauty indeed! I am glad she touched you in that way.

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  2. Maybe you can keep in touch with whom ever she belongs to so you can see her again. If she is a Golden Retriever, these dogs are very loving, especially around children. I am glad you made a wonderful friend!

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    • It would be wonderful to see the pup again 🙂 I’d love that! I’m very happy I had her in my life, even for such a short time. Definitely made my day xo


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