Vacation journal – The beauty of Romania (I)

If i had a penny for every time someone told me: “Romania is a beautiful country, too bad people live there” I’d already be living on my own private island 🙂 . All I can say is I agree with this statement.

Romania is a gorgeous country when it comes to landscape and it has so much potential and resources that you can’t help wonder why isn’t doing better than it does.

Focusing on full half of the glass, I will present those places I’ve recently been to, which are worth more than just a visit.


The second-highest paved road in Romania, built as a strategic military route, that stretches 90 km from north to south across the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathians. It’s probably one of the most beautiful places in Romania.


Balea Lake

A glacier lake situated at 2,034 m altitude. Absolutely gorgeous area.


 Transalpina –  The King’s Road

Is one of the highest roads of the Carpathian Mountains. It connects Novaci to Sebeş.

The road was built under King Carol II and rebuilt during World War II by German troops and it’s, in my opinion, the most beautiful road in the whole Country.

There are certain areas when, because of the climb, you can’t really see where the road continues, so you only see the sky. Also, if you are lucky enough to be there on a partial sunny day, you will notice the clouds are below you.

To describe it in one word: breathtaking!




Ochiul Beiului Lake

After 15 minutes hike through the forest, you reach the beautiful blue lake, situated at an altitude of 310 m with a depth of 3.6 m. It has carst origins and doesn’t freeze during the winter because the river’s water constantly fills it.

Local legend: 

” It’s been said that a beautiful girl used to live in this area when an ottoman young man falls in love with her, kidnaps her and dishonors her. The girl chooses to take her own life and the tears of the youngster form the lake that we know today by the name of Ochiul Beiului.

Another legend tells us that the beautiful son of a pasha falls in love with a girl against his father’s wishes. The pasha kills the girl and the boy sheds tears for her and decides to take his own life as well. From the boy’s tears and sufferings a wonderful blue lake is formed. “


La Vaioaga Waterfall 

It’s situated in Beusnita National Park and it’s an absolutely gorgeous waterfall.


Bigar Waterfall

Situated on the national road 57 B, between Oravita and Bozovici villages, to 45 Paralel. The water falls from a cliff, which is covered with moss. It is said to be the most beautiful waterfall in the country.



Leaving National Road 1 behind, heading towards Rucar village, we meet an amazing landscape.



 Rasnov Fortress

Built between 1211 and 1225 the fortress was built as part of a defence system for the villages exposed to outside invasions.


Fortress Valley Cave ( Peştera Valea Cetăţii )

Located near Râşnov, Braşov County, the cave was first opened in 1949. After a few minutes through the forest, you will reach the cave’s entrance. Due to the amazing acoustic of the cave, it used also for classical music concerts. Absolutely beautiful place, in my book.

DSC_4504DSC_4528 DSC_4554


You will have to squeeze between the beautiful mountains, and enjoy a breathtaking view.

DSC_4701 DSC_4705 DSC_4687

So, pack your backpack and come by 🙂 Mother Nature provides the entertainment!

9 thoughts on “Vacation journal – The beauty of Romania (I)

  1. Wow, Wow, Wow, these pictures are beautiful. Some of them reminds me of when I visited Europe. I never visited Romania, but it sure looks like places I visited elsewhere.

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    • Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Actually, I was expecting a bigger waterfall when I got there, so I was a little bit disappointed 🙂 Still, it’s unique, and the entire area is wild and beautiful. We camped there for a night, and it was the most beautiful evening ever. Very peaceful and quiet.

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