Spring Walk In Three Colors, Birds and a Wagging Tail

Best way to experience the new season? By going out for a walk and enjoying Mother Nature’s colorful new clothes.

The color spectrum goes from green, to yellow, to red, to purple, from one plant to the other. What can be more beautiful than this?

Another wonderful aspect of warmer weather is the presence of more and more creatures, coming out to celebrate the return to life of nature.

I love birds, and it’s a great feeling to hear them sing, in early spring. It feels like the entire nature comes back to live, mesmerized by their lovely song.

I was lucky enough to come very close to a few House Wrens, which were making a nest in the area. Extremely rapid, bubbling and full of live, just like the sounds they make, it was pure joy to see them build.

A few interesting facts about House Wrens:

When establishing a territory, a male fills all available cavities or nesting boxes in its domain with sticks, which seems to protect the nest sites from encroachment by other Wrens.

When it arrives, the female selects a nest site, throws out much of the material deposited by the male and builds another nest.

A male often attracts two mates. Males sometimes puncture other birds’ eggs, possibility in defense of their nesting territory.

~ Special thanks to my dear friend, Frances,

for the information provided ~


Gorgeous little creatures, aren’t they?

However, the best part of going out for a walk, is sharing it with a walk enthusiast. Who better for this job, than Lisa? 🙂

If you ever wondered how a graphic representation of ‘being happy’ looks like, in the left picture you can see it clearly (that’s also what I call the ‘There’s Mommy!’ face).


Spring is known for a very moody weather, and from time to time (most of the time), it decides to display all seasons in one day. When you get beautiful white ‘pearls’ racing down from the sky, followed shortly by snow, you tend to reconsider your walking plan of the day, or at least make it shorter 🙂

All in all, flowers in the sun, birds singing and a wagging tale. A perfect combination for a perfect spring day!

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Well, wasn’t that a very short spring?

Spring is not here, not even close. Don’t ever trust a snowdrop in January! 🙂

Today we had a fairytale-like snowfall, and I don’t think I ever saw Mother Nature transform this beautiful before. Either this, or I really missed the snow!

Lisa most definitely had a great time checking out Mother Nature’s winter clothing.

And when it’s this cold outside, I never forget about my outside buddies, so the birdhouse provided shelter and food, during the storm, for this gorgeous bird. image_3

On our way back, we must stop to smell the roses (as it’s too cold for roses, we have to work with snowdrops and we don’t mind, at all 🙂 ).


Happy winter-spring everyone!