Sea Storm

After experiencing my first tornado, a few days ago, at the Northern Sea, I couldn’t remove from my head the picture of the storm. Being at a safe distance, I could actually appreciate the force and beauty of the natural phenomena.

The force with which it shifted from the road, into the sea, and moved the sea water, creating amazingly beautiful waves, gently moving the passing by ships, determined me to give it a try, and recreate the storm at sea.

The sea was never easy for me to paint and all my previous attempts at it, came out very wrong. Now, after doing a bit of research on how to mix the colors, and which shades go where, I think it came out a bit closer to reality 🙂

Time lapse video, of making the painting, step by step:

sea storm

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Holiday Wishes!

With Christmas just around the corner, both me and Lisa want to send you all, warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season, and lots of love.

Before starting the celebration, please make sure you check off all the items from the holiday to do list (I made a few corrections where needed):

Holiday To Do List:

  1. Buy Be Presents
  2. Wrap Gifts Someone In a Hug
  3. Send Gifts Peace
  4. Shop for Donate Food
  5. Make Cookies Love
  6. Be the See Lights


Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa’s Reindeer – Lisa’s Job Application

The holiday season is finally here, and Lisa has decided to become one of Santa’s Reindeer. She’s very excited and nervous, and is looking forward to the reply from the North Pole.

Here is her job application:

Name: Lisa

Specie: Dog Reindeer (shhht)

Q: Are you naughty or nice?

A: Mommy says I’m the nicest dog she’s ever seen.

Q: Do you like cold weather?

A: Yes

Q: What skills of yours would be helpful for Santa? 

A: I can help Santa carry all the cookies from the children, to the sleigh, because I’m a good dog reindeer.

Q: The cookies are for Santa. Are you fine with eating the carrots left by the children?

A: No cookie?! 

We need to see how you look like. Please submit your photos below: 

What do you guys think? Does she stand a chance? 🙂