Why I Write

As my life took a few crazy turns in the past few months,  I’ve been busier than ever, trying to readjust to the current situation and also to keep up with everything I want to do further on. I’m working on improving my programming skills which eats up most of my time, I have two books on the making which I had to postpone for now because of the lack of time (same happened to my painting projects), I try to be as active as possible on the blog, keep in touch with my friends from both here and abroad, stick to a strict exercise schedule, while dealing with a few flu episodes and other events which did their best to push me off track.

Considering all of this, I was asked a few times already, why do I still focus on other things as well, like writing, instead of focusing on something more useful, which will actually make me earn money.

After having a wonderful conversation with my dear blogger friend, Nihar, I’ve decided to write a few thoughts on why do I choose to write, and how do I see the return on such an investment.


I might be one of the weird types, but I take joy in the small things in life. I don’t need to earn or spend a lot in order to be happy, I don’t need to earn money from everything I do in order to feel successful and appreciated, and I definitely don’t believe earning can be resumed to money only. Those who only earn material things in life, are some of the poorest people I’ve seen.

So what does writing bring me?

Every time I write something, I learn more, I share more, I meet even more amazing people. If your passion is attached to materialistic gain, and you can’t see the beauty and joy in the simplicity of exchanging thoughts and experience, you will lose much more in life, than money can ever bring you.

For me writing is an investment much more valuable than words can describe. Nothing makes me happier than sending an idea out there and receiving messages, comments, emails from people thanking me for inspiring them and making their life better, and telling me how much they appreciate my work. This always brings tears of joy to my eyes! Also, seeing a blogger friend inspired by something I write, and posting an article about my thoughts, is some of the best payment around.

time to be a writerMy rewards comes from the simple things writing gives back: a smile, a thank you, a positive feedback, inspiration, appreciation, change, new friends and every single one of them, has the power to make me richer and richer inside.

Nothing money can buy will even enrich your spirit in such a beautiful way, as these intangible rewards can. Also, no other tool around can bring you in the center of so many talented, passionate and dedicated people, with whom you can start such meaningful conversations.

That considered, many thanks to all my readers for rewarding me everyday, in many wonderful ways. Starting my blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and yes, writing does pay, more than a regular job ever will. You just have to open your heart and feel the reward.