Marine Turtles and Coral Reefs – Fighting for Survival

Marine turtles have have been around the world’s oceans since the time of the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, over the past 200 years, their number was drastically reduced. Nowadays, almost all species of turtles are endangered, some being slaughtered while others are victims of habitat destruction. Climate change also affect the nesting sites, as any change in the sand’s temperature influences the sex of the hatchlings.

The Coral Reefs aren’t just pretty looking sediments, but are actual living creatures. They are also endangered, due to pollution which suffocates the reefs with layers of trash. The warming and acidifying of oceans makes them susceptible to disease and death, due to the loss of the symbiotic algae they need to survive (it causes the reef to lose its color).

My painting draws attention to their importance for our ecosystem.

We should all take better care of our oceans, and protect the marine wildlife. Just a few easy steps in our everyday actions can chance the balance for the better:
  • Try to be as energy efficient as possible in order to put an end to global warming (this will stop the ocean acidification);
  • Don’t leave garbage on the beach, as turtles might confuse it with food (plastic bags might cause them to suffocate and die);
  • Limit the use of plastic (wrappers, bags);
  • Don’t leave fishing lines in the ocean (turtles get stuck in fishing lines and die because of starvation);
  • Eat eco-friendly fish – this means eating species that have a healthy population;

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