Breaking Free

As I said before, painting portraits is quite a difficult task for me. You have to capture the right expression, emotion and the organic feel of a human being. Including all of them in a brush stroke, makes you rethink every move you make.

However, painting nonmaterial things, such as feelings and emotions can be quite a challenge.

Today I decided to paint a human emotion, for the first time. We all feel joy, anger, sadness in a different way. But if we would have to represent them through an image, I think sending the message out there can prove to be hard.

We have no idea where to begin, but when we breath and look inside us, we can see the light and colors. Our minds guide us through the process.

We are slaves to our own minds

Breaking free starts from inside us. Breaking free starts with choosing to see the light within us. Leaving darkness behind, and following our inner light, is what gets us on the right path, in a soft and gentle way, like a butterfly’s delicate touch.

break free

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Holiday Wishes!

With Christmas just around the corner, both me and Lisa want to send you all, warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season, and lots of love.

Before starting the celebration, please make sure you check off all the items from the holiday to do list (I made a few corrections where needed):

Holiday To Do List:

  1. Buy Be Presents
  2. Wrap Gifts Someone In a Hug
  3. Send Gifts Peace
  4. Shop for Donate Food
  5. Make Cookies Love
  6. Be the See Lights


Merry Christmas everyone!