Dingo Is Going Home

11239623Today was the big day. Dingo, my friend’s German Shepherd, who sadly passed away a few years ago, finally made it home, one last time. (See here the story of the painting)

Because I was asked a few times already about my friend’s reaction when he received my gift, with his approval, I’ve decided to share this special moment with you guys.

Liviu, my friend, got my painting today, and I was very moved to see him so touched by my gesture. When he said: “Can you paint something for me?” I’m sure he had no idea this is going to be the result.

dingogoinghomeI’m more than happy to see him so happy with having his pup back home, even if only in acrylics. Enjoy your painting! I hope it brought you some comfort!

The Challenge of a Bad Quality Picture

As a painter, I offered a few times already, some of my paintings, as a gift, to my loved ones. A few months ago, I painted for the first time one of my best friend’s dead pet, as a Christmas gift, and it was quite an experience. The pressure of getting it right, is always very high, when it comes to giving someone the chance of seeing their pet one last time, for the first time, through a picture.

Making a new friend who enjoys my work, I was asked recently to paint something for him. It was a hard decision to choose a theme for the painting, but knowing my friend’s German Shepherd died a few years ago, I’ve decided to take the challenge of painting his pet.

With only one very bad quality picture available, I struggled to make the dog look as close to reality as possible, and bring him back into my friend’s life. With the painting now completed, all I can hope for, is that I got it right 🙂


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