Mother Nature’s Winter Diamonds

I woke up this morning only to find out that even Mother Nature got ready for Christmas, wearing her most gorgeous ice diamonds.

Planting Tulips

Only a few days of colder weather and I’m already thinking about spring. By thinking about spring, I mean thinking about the beautiful flowers which will bloom when it gets warmer. I just can’t wait for that moment! Don’t we all?

I love all spring flowers, but tulips are definitely my favorite. 

After some research on how it’s done, I’ve decided to plant today a few white and purple tulip bulbs, in the garden. Lisa, my trustful bodyguard, made sure it all goes smoothly. 

As I’ve never planted tulips before, I hope I got it right (with Lisa’s precious help, I’m pretty sure I did) and we’ll see some pretty flowers blooming, in the spring. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Doggy’s Favorite Spot

As winter is just around the corner, and most leaves are already on the ground, it’s the ‘intensive raking season’. This means my little helper was with me in the garden today, watching my every move. It’s nothing Lisa likes more than a lazy day outside, while I do some gardening. Ok, ok, maybe some treats (make that a lot of treats) 🙂 20141115_135238 Under all those leaves, can you believe the flowers are still blooming? Here are a few gorgeous ones:

And what a beautiful end, to a beautiful day… 🙂

I wish you all a lovely weekend!

First week with a dog

The first week spent with my adorable pup just flew by!


My little Picasso, helping with the paintings

Adopting a dog was the best decision I made lately. My life became so much more beautiful, in just a few days time.

And Lisa is absolutely fantastic. I am amazed by the speed and smoothness with which she allowed me in her heart. Such a well behaved and sweet pup! She keeps on surprising me everyday with what she does.

I don’t think I ever saw a dog to adapt so fast to any situation. You can drive or walk with her anywhere and she is happy to be with you. She follows me around the house like an eagle, and doesn’t get scared by loud noises, made by the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, or other appliances, which means it is very easy to have her around.

I love it when I work at my computer and get an adorable puppy face, looking up at me. I adore her funny yoga stretching pose, belly rub position, morning kisses, smart eyes and gentleness.

A perfect fit for the ‘dog shaped hole’ in my heart! She got in there and left paw prints all over the place. Looking forward to even more sweet moments spent together 🙂