Workshops, Colors and Brushes

painting workshopAs a self thought artist, I’ve never received any guidance regarding the way in which I paint, my techniques or my choices when it comes to sending a message out there, through my work.

I believe that in order to evolve and further improve, we need to interact with others with the same passions as ours, exchange ideas and receive advice from those who have much more experience than we do. In the end, we only learn by being motivated to become better, and there’s no better motivation than seeing that you can do much better.

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to attend a workshop, and meet other talented artists from my area. What I was mostly interested in, was to see how others paint and find out more about what inspires them. Also, receiving a few tips and tricks was more than welcomed.

For a challenge, at my first workshop I picked as a theme water reflection, only to play with light, distance and reflection. As water is always a challenge for me, it was a very good opportunity to get better at it, in a very motivating, creative and inspiring environment.

I must say, I learned so much about the message I send through a simple shade of blue, that I couldn’t be happier. Amazing how such a small difference in paint shade, brush and painting technique, can place an object far far away or very close to you.

Here’s the final result:

mountain lake reflection

Even if not perfect, progress is being made. Challenging ourselves is the best thing we can do. The results might not always be the ones we want and envision, but they always put us one step forward in our journey to becoming who we want to be.

Even if, while creating art, we reach a point when we’re asking ourselves if what we’re doing is ever going to make us better, that’s the moment when we have to keep moving forward and practice until we get the desired results. For a person who a year ago couldn’t paint water at all, I think that stubborn attitude got me pretty far 🙂

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you


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