What’s Your Excuse?

Every now and then our path in life blends, even if only for a short while, with the path of a few extraordinary individuals, which inspire us, and we keep in our mind forever. Today I was lucky enough to meet such a person, in the most unexpected place of all, at the gym.

Usually, the gym is the place where only a small percentage of the people subscribing are actually dedicated to working out, while the majority spend their time chatting, clicking pictures for various social networks, or sitting down complaining about how bad their muscles hurt, after the first 5 minutes of training. However, today I saw the most dedicated person working out, which got me thinking about my actions, and the actions of those around me.

A young man, with Down Syndrome, pushing against the mobility impairment, a problematic ankle, and very poor eyesight, got on the treadmill, completely dedicated to finishing his workout. Later on, he moved from one equipment to the other, not giving up, until he got the job done. To my surprise, he did a better job than most of us there!

I was so impressed and proud to see him going for what he wants, ignoring the physical limitations, and working together with his body, as a team, to become stronger.

Success-InspirationMy mind couldn’t help but think about those of us, who are lucky enough to be in good health, capable of pretty much any challenge, who choose to not go for what we want, who don’t step out of their comfort zone, who find excuses.

It’s always easier to say: ‘I can’t do that‘, instead of saying: ‘I don’t want to do that‘. Subconsciously, when someone can’t do something, we look at them with different eyes, than we look at a person who doesn’t want to do the same thing. Honesty is being punished, because the excuses are more powerful to the brain.

This is why we choose to say we can’t, sometimes even without trying, and we make excuses for ourselves. The excuses are so powerfully embedded into our brains, to such an extent, that our mind shifts into that powerful negative state, which determines you to fail. Telling yourself that it won’t happen, convincing yourself that you can’t do it, it will make it not happen.

And so, we make excuses for ourselves, we say no, we fail. We fail to get out of our comfort zone, we fail to try, we push away any chance to succeed, when actually, we only have to break the mental barriers we set ourselves.

And we see people who have to fight through physical and mental limitations, dreaming the dream, setting the goal, going out there, fight with themselves and the world, and achieving what they want. Their road to success is 10 times harder than the same road a healthy person has to take, and even so, they don’t quit. Why? Because they don’t have room for excuses. They don’t let limitations put them down, but they work with those limitations, and get where they have to go. Now, how powerful is that?

I believe such persons should be an inspiration for all of us, and their amazing journeys should make us realize WE CAN DO IT. There’s no such thing as ‘I can’t’, there’s only ‘I don’t want to’.

The biggest barrier between you and success, is yourself. Always yourself, no one and nothing else. Nothing can stop a determined person to reach the goal. Success, is in the end, only a state of mind. Our minds are such powerful tools that if we set them to ‘I can’t‘ or ‘I can‘, in the end, that’s going to be the outcome, so tell yourself as often as needed: ‘I CAN‘. If you want it, you can do it! It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! Want it, dream it, do it!

What’s Your Excuse?

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