The Self Portrait Challenge

In my entire career as a painter, nothing was ever harder than painting portraits. For some reason, I can’t get pass the human, in order to focus on colors, shadows and shape, like I usually do, when paintings landscapes and animals.

This makes is extremely hard, and it’s the main reason which kept me away from ever getting myself into trying to paint humans.

As in the past year I took a few challenges in order to become a better painter, why not giving portraits another chance?

Even if not exactly a self portrait, but more of a portrait, I’m happy I gave it a chance. With a bit of guidance, the shapes and shadows are definitely on the right track, and I’m confident some more practice would definitely get me there.

self portrait

Ok, it was a lot of fun, but I must admit, it takes a lot more than this, to get me out of my favorite type of painting: nature and animals 🙂 Still, for a first try, I’m more than happy with it!

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