Well, wasn’t that a very short spring?

Spring is not here, not even close. Don’t ever trust a snowdrop in January! 🙂

Today we had a fairytale-like snowfall, and I don’t think I ever saw Mother Nature transform this beautiful before. Either this, or I really missed the snow!

Lisa most definitely had a great time checking out Mother Nature’s winter clothing.

And when it’s this cold outside, I never forget about my outside buddies, so the birdhouse provided shelter and food, during the storm, for this gorgeous bird. image_3

On our way back, we must stop to smell the roses (as it’s too cold for roses, we have to work with snowdrops and we don’t mind, at all 🙂 ).


Happy winter-spring everyone!

Setting up the Birdhouse

I don’t even remember when I’ve first started feeding the birds, but it feels like it’s a lifetime ago. Don’t you just love waking up in the morning and seeing them at your window?

After so long, I’ve decided an upgrade is needed, so here it is, my new beautiful birdhouse:


And I’m proud to introduce you to the first satisfied customer!


No, I didn’t watch the birds for hours on end…What made you believe that? 🙂