Painting My Best Friend’s Dead Pet

Ada, my best friend’s dog, passed away this year in January, after 15 wonderful years of life, spent together with her ‘pack’. This was especially hard on my friend, as she lost her companion from childhood.

Christmas is approaching and I’ve decided to give my friend the gift of being together with her pup, once again, on her favorite holiday. I can’t bring her dog back to life, but I can put them back together, through a painting.

This was the hardest thing I ever had to paint, because of the emotional involvement. I knew Ada, as I played with her a lot of times before, and I also know how much she’s missed.

Painting my best friend’s pet made me nervous, as I didn’t wanted to offend my friend, in case it doesn’t look real. As Ada was a dalmatian, every spot had to be just right. Very tricky, but definitely worth a shot.

The gift reached its owner, and I think I made my friend very happy! 🙂