Dingo Is Going Home

11239623Today was the big day. Dingo, my friend’s German Shepherd, who sadly passed away a few years ago, finally made it home, one last time. (See here the story of the painting)

Because I was asked a few times already about my friend’s reaction when he received my gift, with his approval, I’ve decided to share this special moment with you guys.

Liviu, my friend, got my painting today, and I was very moved to see him so touched by my gesture. When he said: “Can you paint something for me?” I’m sure he had no idea this is going to be the result.

dingogoinghomeI’m more than happy to see him so happy with having his pup back home, even if only in acrylics. Enjoy your painting! I hope it brought you some comfort!

Painting My Best Friend’s Dead Pet

Ada, my best friend’s dog, passed away this year in January, after 15 wonderful years of life, spent together with her ‘pack’. This was especially hard on my friend, as she lost her companion from childhood.

Christmas is approaching and I’ve decided to give my friend the gift of being together with her pup, once again, on her favorite holiday. I can’t bring her dog back to life, but I can put them back together, through a painting.

This was the hardest thing I ever had to paint, because of the emotional involvement. I knew Ada, as I played with her a lot of times before, and I also know how much she’s missed.

Painting my best friend’s pet made me nervous, as I didn’t wanted to offend my friend, in case it doesn’t look real. As Ada was a dalmatian, every spot had to be just right. Very tricky, but definitely worth a shot.

The gift reached its owner, and I think I made my friend very happy! 🙂

Saying goodbye to a wonderful team

Working for 2 years in the same office creates very strong friendships. With all the ups and downs, one thing is for sure, even if I won’t miss everything about my job, I will definitely miss my friends.

Never goodbye. It’s see you later!

1,000,000 reasons to miss you guys, in pictures

For all those beautiful memories filled with laughter and joy

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For all the pranks and ‘special’ farewells 















For all those funny notes and special gifts






Thank you for supporting me and making me smile everyday! You are absolutely amazing people and I’m very honored to call you my friends.

Lots of love,