Quacking Morning

Busy morning when you open the door, and see so many cute faces. I am very proud to say they loved my homemade bread 🙂

Adorable, or what?



‘Bring your dog to the office’ day

That’s it, after counting the votes, Lisa lost. She was ‘offered volunteer‘ to work 🙂

Here are some pictures from her time in the office.

1. Lunch time

Lisa: If I make this crazy adorable face, will mommy give me her chocolate?


Answer: Nope. 

Lisa: Ok…how about now? (look at my face, look at it!)


Answer: No, chocolate is bad for you.

Lisa: But mommy…


2. Working hard or the “Stepping on your shoes until you pet me” technique 

Lisa: Is she looking now? … Yes, yes, I did it!


3. The CEO

She got promoted on her first day at work. Pretty neat I would say!


P.S. In case you wonder, the answer was still no, but she got a treat. How can you refuse such a face? 🙂

Mushrooms vs Rain

Have you ever had one of those days when you see something nice from the car but you can’t stop, and have to go back later, to the same location, only to click that picture which doesn’t want to leave your head?

A rainy day isn’t what I would call a perfect day for such a thing, nor for being on the ground, clicking pictures of mushrooms, but I think it was worth it 🙂

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Doggy’s Favorite Spot

As winter is just around the corner, and most leaves are already on the ground, it’s the ‘intensive raking season’. This means my little helper was with me in the garden today, watching my every move. It’s nothing Lisa likes more than a lazy day outside, while I do some gardening. Ok, ok, maybe some treats (make that a lot of treats) 🙂 20141115_135238 Under all those leaves, can you believe the flowers are still blooming? Here are a few gorgeous ones:

And what a beautiful end, to a beautiful day… 🙂

I wish you all a lovely weekend!