Saying goodbye to a wonderful team

Working for 2 years in the same office creates very strong friendships. With all the ups and downs, one thing is for sure, even if I won’t miss everything about my job, I will definitely miss my friends.

Never goodbye. It’s see you later!

1,000,000 reasons to miss you guys, in pictures

For all those beautiful memories filled with laughter and joy

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For all the pranks and ‘special’ farewells 















For all those funny notes and special gifts






Thank you for supporting me and making me smile everyday! You are absolutely amazing people and I’m very honored to call you my friends.

Lots of love,



6 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to a wonderful team

  1. We are not wonderful people. we are not exceptional, we’re not creative and positive and optimistic … You are. And that’s why you see the good in us, cause you’re like that and your great personality reflects on everything around you, like a contagious form of inner beauty. Stay true to your heart and your world will shine forever. Thanks for shedding some light on ours.

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  2. Lots of photos and experiences! You had some wonderful people and you’ll never forget all the experiences that helped you to be the person you are today. Don’t forget you are great and look forward for everything amazing that is waiting for you 🙂 hugs Little A.

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